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About So Clean Cleaning Services

Hello! My name is David Franco and I am the owner of So Clean Cleaning Services. Rhode Island is the state I grew up in. I was raised in Pawtucket, RI, but I currently reside in East Providence, RI. I have a 2 year old best friend who calls me “daa-daa”. I come from an Accounting background and well you are now probably questioning how the heck did I go from counting numbers to mopping floors..right!?

It all started when I was in High School. I would tell myself I will one day run my own business. I had no idea what to start. I came up with a few creative ideas, but I did not have the funds to start it.

2017 was the year when I finally came up with owning a cleaning business. It was a rainy night and I was sitting in my car. I kept thinking about the freedom I want to have to spend more time with my family, my son. I also kept thinking about making a difference by providing jobs to people.

It finally hit me that I am great at cleaning. It is a lower capital business venture to start and I know how to give a client a clean environment. Well for one year I started to get more involved with cleaning products and different equipments by testing them out at my own house. ​

August 2018, I finally made the decision to officially open So Clean. (How or why did I come up with that name? That’s another story to tell another day). I started So Clean because I wanted to give people more freedom to do what they enjoy doing without having to worry about cleaning. I love to see our clients come home from work and enjoy having a clean home without them doing the heavy work. We understand there is not enough time in the day to get the cleaning done, but that’s why we are here to help! ​

Today we are successfully doing great! With over 100+ clients we met in the past year I can’t thank enough for the support from our clients and staff!

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